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  • 1 hour
  • 10 British pounds
  • The Basement


PADS AND PARTNERS, A WINNING COMBO Everyone's favourite - padwork! In this fast-paced, heart-pumping session you'll be pushed to the limits as you are paired up with a partner to take turns in punching your way through a range of combinations demonstrated by the coach. Each session will focus on a series of combo's that include a mixture of punches, defenses and countershots, guiding you through the theory of each one as you go. Aside from putting things in perspective, the best thing about padwork is that it allows you to practice making punches more precise, more realistic and as your partner moves with you - more responsive. As the satisfying 'whack' of your gloves connecting with pads spurs you on you will also be encouraged and motivated by your partner who will be instructed to engage with you, hype you up and help keep you on top form - it's a team effort over here! Whether you are an experienced boxer or you've never seen a pair of pads before - fear not, you will be carefully guided in both how to hit pads as well as hold pads so you are safe hands. The session: 5 mins warm up, 50 mins pads and partnerwork focusing on different combinations and putting boxing technique into real practice, 5 mins stretch. All levels welcome. Mixed, men and women.

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