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David Ruffneck


David is an ex Amateur Boxer from Eltham ABC & All Stars ABC. His Boxing Journey began

in foster care where under the circumstances he had to learn to fight and was getting in a lot

of trouble at school, due to ADHD. Luckily David had a PE teacher recommended Boxing.

David decided to join a Muay Thai club. Straight away it gave him focus and a disciplined

routine, something which he never had.

David Thai boxed for four years, going Holland and Thailand but after gaining some injuries

he switched to Boxing. David went on to win his first 8 boxing fights by KO. David became

well known for his heavy punches and continued to have 10 more fights only losing 3, as

well as boxing for London few times. Finding a love for helping people learn to box, he also

began running high intensity, energetic group sessions and has even trained the likes of

Tom Holland, Rita Ora, Brooklyn Beckham and Taron Egoton.

David has experience training beginners, training five white collar fighters and leading four of

them onto victory. He have trained 5 white collar fighters 4 wins 3 by ko 1 on points and 1

loss and currently trains a top Amateurs prospect.

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